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Specialty Application
“Equinox delivers
high-quality, precision
products that best serve
our customers' critical
needs worldwide.”

Specialty Applications

Equinox has the resources and expertise to provide customized products for specialized industrial uses. We can efficiently modify or create a new design to solve your specialized requirements. We have the capability to produce custom parts from the following materials: brass, copper, steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Companies have relied on Equinox's experience in engineering and manufacturing products to extremely tight and consistent tolerances.

For example, we've applied our expertise in stamping and bending brass and copper to produce critical parts for the plumbing industry. We have also specialty formed copper tubing for use in high-voltage electrical transformers.

Send an engineering drawing, sketch or a sample of the part you need produced, and we will respond with a quotation and advise if new tooling is required.
Trumpet Tube

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